Staff and Technicians


Our staff currently has three full-time technicians and one full-time CVT. Our CVT Brandi Guillory is a graduate of Northwestern University. In her spare time she enjoys taking her Havanese, London and her standard poodle Paisley to Prien Lake dog-friendly park. Brandi is also an avid hunter. She enjoys going on hunting trips with her mom and dad.

Last but certainly not least is Christie. She is not only a full-time technician but also a full-time mother of 5 beautiful kids and a loving grandmother of two. She enjoys attending school football games where she watches her youngest son play ball and her youngest daughter cheer. She also has another son that plays in a band called Dirt Road and she really enjoys watching them play. Christie has no problem keeping up with her crew because she stays in shape by running 4-6 miles a day.

Kane Vest is a part-time vet assistant. He is a full-time psychology major at McNeese State University. Kane enjoys working with people and plants. In his spare time he loves to read and write and travel. Kane loves to hang out and study with his sweet Miniature Pinscher, Maggie.

Kortney Zaunbrecher is a part-time vet assistant. She is a full-time animal science major at McNeese State University. Kortney enjoys hunting and fishing. She also loves spending time with family and friends and her adorable Labrador Jolie.

Payton Zaunbrecher followed in her sister Kortney’s footsteps and is also came to work for us as a part-time vet assistant. She is also an animal science major at McNeese State University. Payton loves to do photography in her free time. She also loves to relax and curl up with a good book alongside her best friend, Maebelle, a cute little Pomeranian Mix.


Our staff currently has one full-time receptionist, Mary Willis. Mary has been with our hospital for 11 years. Mary will always greet you with a smile at the door or on the phone. She is loyal to our clients and knows all of them and their beloved companions by name. Mary has a loving husband named Butch and they have two daughters, six grandchildren, and a yorkie named Scarlet and a cat named Phoebe. Mary loves spending time with all of them when she is away from work. She enjoys riding bicycles and weekend getaways with her husband Butch when she is not spending time with her six grandchildren.

Richard Ellerbe

Richard Ellerbe is a part-time vet assistant. He is a full-time agricultural science major at McNeese State University. Richard enjoys hunting and fishing. He also enjoys trips back home to Oak Grove, LA with his dog Buffy to visit family and friends.

Ethan Freehling

Ethan Freehling is a part-time kennel assistant. He is a full-time animal science major at McNeese State University. Ethan plans to one day work at a zoo. He has two cats, Inky and Slim Shady. He also has 12 snakes. His favorite snake is his baby Nala. She is a Jaguar Carpet Python. On the weekends Ethan likes hanging with friends and playing paintball.