Radiography and Diagnostics

Serving pets in Lake Charles and the surrounding communities, Prien Lake Animal Hospital offers convenient in-house diagnostic laboratory testing and x-rays to determine your pet’s overall health. Our in-house diagnostic capabilities enable us to provide quick and accurate results for a variety of tests including complete blood counts, full chemistry panels, liver and kidney function, as well as thyroid and adrenal gland testing. We also provide ten minute laboratory results for heartworm and feline leukemia testing. The results from diagnostic testing enables our doctors to determine if there is an underlying problem with your pet that may not be seen through a visual or physical examination.

We also offer x-rays with in-house processing so that our veterinarians can identify fractures, locate foreign bodies, discover masses such as tumors, measure organ size, and diagnose pneumonia.

Whether your pet is diagnosed with an internal abnormality or broken bones, our in-house lab and x-ray capabilities allow our doctors to determine the problem and begin the appropriate treatment as soon as possible.